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Digiblinds® is a new method of window advertising being rapidly adopted throughout New Zealand by international brands and independent SME's alike. These multi-tasking roller blinds offer your premises’ interiors privacy while filling your windows and glass doors with exterior-facing advertisements.

Digitally printed with colour-fast technology and UV-protected fabric and ink, Digiblinds® are conversation starters that turn heads and get customers talking and walking through your doors. Cheaper, easier and quicker to install than perforated vinyl, Digiblinds® are mobile and can be easily interchanged for seasonal advertisements. The ability to raise or lower your unique advertisements as you choose, offers you a flexibility in your marketing approach that traditional window vision products do not. By selecting our sunscreen roller blinds for your unique Digiblinds® print, you can enjoy one-way transparency to monitor outside areas and retain interior privacy. Alternately, Digiblinds® can be manufactured on blackout roller blinds for complete light reduction and two-way privacy.

Using your design or an original design created for you by our graphics team, we print your marketing graphic to an extremely high-resolution. Between our picture-perfect image quality and dazzling colour range, your advertisements will be bursting through your windows!

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