Vertical Blinds

For complete privacy control, choose from our range of vertical slat blinds, with blades that angle to reduce visibility and glare and allow uninhibited airflow. We have a large range of colours and styles to complement your décor, and are able to manufacture vertical blinds to any length and breadth to seamlessly fit for your home or office space.

Customising Your Vertical Blinds

Choose from vertical blinds that stack to the left, to the right, or that part in the middle: it’s completely up to you!

Searching for blinds that won’t impede your passage through a stacking or sliding door? We manufacture blinds that stack outside of the window space with over-length runs to keep your entry ways clear and your living space clutter-free.

Chainless Vertical Blinds

Many of our customers prefer the minimalist aesthetic our chainless vertical blinds, but will also choose chainless vertical blinds for safety reasons: they may have pets or small children who may become entangled in the bottom chains, potentially destroying the blinds and/or risking their own well being. Our chainless blinds range uses a weighted system in place chains solving both issues with one safe, clean and functional solution.

UV-Protected Fabrics for Longer-Lasting Blinds

All of our vertical blinds are constructed using UV-stabilised material, protecting your soft furnishings, and giving your blinds greater longevity and fade-resistance.

Mould-Resistant Fabrics

Many New Zealand homes suffer from dampness and ‘crying windows’ – especially in the cooler months. Our blinds are specially crafted using materials that are resistant to mould and dust, allowing you to breathe easier in your own home!

Easy Care, Easy Use, Robust Construction

We design our vertical blinds to stand up to the rigors of everyday usage, while still being easy to clean and easy to operate. To back up our quality guarantee, we offer a 5 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

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